How to become a Green Realtor

How to Become a Green Realtor: Enhancing the Way a Realtor Does Business

Being a realtor is a tough career that can see many highs and lows throughout the years. Markets change, rules change, and the competition is diverse. Staying afloat is hard, keeping up is even tougher, and staying ahead is almost impossible. There is a way to enhance how you do business by changing the products you use. Using recyclable and plantable paper products is not only cost-effective, but will increase your sales, customer engagement, overall customer satisfaction rating, and will make you the leader in your community in the realty industry.

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How a Customer Chooses a Realtor

People are much more aware of how realtors do business. Choosing a good realtor isn’t always about the money. It is about how they treat people and how they do business, overall. Millions of Americans have extremely strict belief systems and will not do business with a realty company that does not engage in any type of green/renewable practices.

Millions more would prefer to work with a green realtor rather than one who doesn’t care about using recyclable paper products. Moral values are a top priority in your customer base, especially when dealing with Millennials, who are now buying and selling homes. The days of getting by with a winning smile are over.

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If you want to stay relevant, you’ll need to not only keep up with the times, but you need to also do your best to be a trendsetter. Just to keep up, you’ll need to know that millions of other realtors have been going green and using recyclable paper products and plantable cardstock. Their customer base has increased tremendously as people are beginning to realize that using plantable and recyclable paper products is the way the best realtors are doing business.

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How Realtors Use Recyclable and Plantable Paper Products

There are several ways a realtor can go green. The job of a realtor has a ton of paperwork involved, including marketing and advertising, home listings, and the more official paperwork that needs done when a customer buys or sells a home, needs a contract made, and the many other things a realtor does for their clients.

Think about your advertising and mailer budget for a minute. You likely buy cardstock that has already been designed for you that has your contact info, your smiling face, maybe a few listings, etc. Every other realtor does it the same way. Think about how many of your mailers go straight into the garbage or recycle bin. That effort and time and money wasted is a tragedy.

There is a better way to send out amazing mailer cards that actually have a purpose. When you send a seeded paper marketing mailer, you are basically sending flowers and herbs along with it. What makes it even more special is that everyone will appreciate you giving them that gift. Plus, they will know that you care more about how you do business, the environment, and your community, than money.

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Real estate buyers and sellers need to know that you care about more than just a commission check. Using recyclable and plantable paper for your marketing and advertising is the best way to show your community that you want to offer more; you work harder and have solutions, and you are a unique leader amongst the many realtors in your area, and you aren’t afraid to think outside the box to enhance the realty industry.

Thank you notes for Open House, loved by Green Certified Realtors.

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Is Buying Recyclable and Plantable Paper Products More Expensive?

Buying all that regular cardstock can be quite expensive. Did you know that the more people recycle, the less recyclable products cost overall? It only makes sense. Recycled products need recycled material. By using recyclable paper and plantable cardstock, you will be contributing to what everyone should be doing, and that is recycling everything they can to help lessen our impact on the environment.

You could find out that using recyclable and plantable paper products are actually much less expensive than what you buy today. Recycled paper does usually cost less, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to save money. The designs ForeverFiances offer are printed using only the best and state-of-the-art systems and technology.

When you think about what recycled paper looks and feels like, you may think that it is bumpy, or hard to print intricate designs on, but it isn’t. Innovative printing and paper-making technology has evolved dramatically in the last few years. The way recycled paper is made gives businesses like ForeverFiances the means to offer paper products that are just as smooth, bright, and stunning as any other regular paper product. In fact, the ink used to make these products are even all-natural.

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Marketing Opportunities

Sending out plantable marketing mailers sets up all kinds of marketing opportunities. Rather than sending them out to everyone, you can target specific people within your community, or have some kind of giveaway to entice customers into engaging with your business. Your online presence can use this advantage to reach out to more people. You could set up a giveaway to randomly select people who comment on your post on Facebook, or set up a poll, in which potential customers answer questions, who then will receive your unique and personalized plantable cardstock.

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Aside from the opportunities online, you can also give plantable cards out to people who visit your office. You can give one to each customer who buys a home. When they plant that card, they are going to think of you whenever they see those beautiful flowers or herbs growing in their new garden.

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Leverage the Benefits of Using Recyclable and Plantable Paper Products

While it can be quite difficult to reel in new clients who need to buy or sell a home, it doesn’t have to be that hard, you just need some easy solutions to problems. You must think into the future a bit. Ask yourself: “How are realtors engaging with their community? How is it changing? How can I get ahead? What can I do that few other realtors are doing?” Businesses today value problem-solving skills by using their creativity. If you work on a team in a larger realty company, you can be sure to get the notoriety and respect you deserve when you plan and implement a green strategy. A realty company can be almost fully green just by using recyclable paper. The change isn’t hard to make. Simply switch your paper supplier and think of creative ways to leverage all the benefits of using paper with a purpose.

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