Seeded Paper Business Cards

Seeded paper business cards green

Plantable Business Cards on Seeded Paper by Green Business Print 

Unique eco-friendly promotion tool to show your green values. Small businesses love it! 

  • Your business cards will create a unique first lasting impression 🌟
  • Stand out with something different than the typical business card your competitors hand out to their clients. 
  • Thicker than your standard business card, they are embedded with wildflower 🌱seeds or garden herbs. 
  •  A great conversation starter 💭, and a perfect way to get your foot in the door. These cards will make your business more memorable and attract the clientele that appreciate great quality and green ♻️ materials. 
  • Invite your customers to plant your card.
  • Discover all our plantable business cards
  • We can also print your own artwork.

plantable business cards

modern green business cards

Navy Stripes Business Cards

navy stripes business cards

Seattle Skyline

Seattle skyline business cards


Shop seeded paper horse business cards 🐴, designed on blooming paper, embedded with flowers seeds. makes it environmentally friendly with an elegant sophisticated touch. Your business cards will grow into your customer's garden.

stallion horse business cards seeds

The Professional Trader

Designed for a West Texas Crude Oil Trader, these business cards are modern and easy to customize. Vintage and refined, to show off your sophisticated style, these are a great way to network and help your business grow like the cards themselves.

business cards for traders

Kona Loves

Kona Loves plantable business cards are a great way to network and help your business grow like the cards themselves. Originally created for a coffee roaster in California, it is popular as a packaging insert too.

Kona Loves Coffee Roaster Business Cards

Hairstylist Business Cards

Looking for the perfect business card for your hairstylist salon? we have created one for Sarah that has become an instant hit with many hairstylists in California, and Texas.

hairstylist business cards

Blush Roses Business Cards

blush pink rose business cards

Read our blog article Leave lasting impression with plantable business cards

Woof! 🐶 Check out these adorable custom business cards we made for Country Dog Services in Blue Ridge, TX! Hey are soooo cute! This is literally my face -----> ☺️ as dog lovers here at ForeverFiances, we are smitten with these cards for the amazing Country Dog Services, who are the most warmhearted and fuzzy, kind people ever! If you are in Texas and need only the best care for your furry friend, please visit They'll get to PLANT these seeded business cards. Embedded with native wildflowers, these are like treats for humans! 🙃 #dogs#dogsofinstagram#dog#countrydogs#cute#art#design#businesscards#greenbusinesscards#greenbusinessprint#green#paper#amazing#happy#cards#handmade#recycled#plantablecard#plantablepaper#plants#seeds#gardening#foreverfiances#adorable#sweet#texas#california#smallbusiness#local#locallymade

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