How much postage is required to ship the All-in-Ones?

First class stamp + Hand-canceled additional stamp

How to mail your All-in-One invitations?

  • Clear eco envelopes (made from plants) are provided for the plantable all in one (Send and Sealed) invitations.
  • Three clear tabs per invitation are provided for the non-plantable invitations.
  • The above methods have been tested and approved as the best way to ensure proper delivery to your guests. The detachable RSVP will be returned to you as a postcard and unprotected, just as postcards are generally mailed. If this is a concern, please reach out to us for alternative options.

The detachable postcards may come back a little damaged. It is normal. The USPS fast processing machines will be rough on your mail.

The recommended postage for the all in one invitation should be hand-canceled. The service varies with the USPS pricing (Generally adds an extra $0.20 or sometimes free, depending to whom you talk to. You may want to ask a couple of clerks. Be sure to mention it is for you wedding). The mailing cost for the RSVP postcards is a postcard stamp. Please consult with your local USPS clerk.

The stamp should be placed on the eco-envelopes (not on the invitation itself)

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