Shipping guidelines

From time to time, our delivery carriers do experience problems with delivering a package. For the best results, we suggest the following:


Business locations are generally delivered earlier in the day.
Business locations are generally more secure than a residential location.
Business locations generally have a person who signs for the package, thus leaving a paper trail.
Business locations accept packages so your shipment is inside a building and you don't have to worry about weather elements such as rain, heat, etc..
Make sure you include the company name and "in care of" (c/o) your name so the business knows to accept the package.


Make sure you include your complete address.
Please start looking for your package around the estimated delivery date.
If you know your address is hard to locate, please ship to a business, friend, or relative's address that is easier to locate.
Rural locations sometimes take longer to deliver.
If shipping to an address other than your own, please include "in care of" (c/o) the homeowners name on the package.
Make sure you have a mail receptacle


Make sure you include your complete address.
Most carriers deliver to the Leasing Office instead of your doorstep.
Always check with your Leasing Office around the estimated delivery date (Please refer to your order confirmation for this date).
If you name is not on the lease, please include "in care of" (c/o) the lease holders name on the package.
If you do not have a Leasing Office on site and you live in a secure building where you must have a key or code to enter, DO NOT have your order shipped to this location.

For orders shipped to destinations outside of the United States, ForeverFiances is not responsible for any duties, taxes and brokerage fees associated with the shipment of your order.
ForeverFiances is not knowledgeable about country-specific import regulations and will not be responsible for fees/damages associated with non-compliance. We strongly encourage you to research all country-specific facts, information and regulations prior to placing an order.

Important Liability Waiver

Please note that we [ForeverFiances] cannot be responsible for missing or lost packages when the above guidelines are not followed. Additional shipping charges will be incurred for orders that are returned to us due to invalid information.

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