Elegant Wedding Themes for 2019

Discover our elegant and sophisticated themes for your invitations.

supreme classy wedding invitations

Supreme Invitations

An elegant and sophisticated wedding invitations. Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted).

1920's Chevron Gatsby Wedding invitations

elegant wedding invitations

Gold Script Wedding | Graceful

gold script wedding invitations graceful

Elegant Reception on Lavender Paper

Perfect for your elegant reception, maybe in a luxurious eco-chic hotel or a maison de maitre. An exclusive flourished font with an elegant layout creates a chic setting. Printed on our unique handmade paper, plantable into colorful wildflowers.

elegant lavender wedding invitations

Aphrodite (all in one invitation)

gold elegant invitations for wedding

green wedding invitations

black and white wedding invitations

Tiffany Style

tiffany style wedding invitations

Vintage Typography

Discover our vintage typography wedding invitations with its unique Send n Sealed format. Unique and so eco-friendly, all in one format, ready to mail, including a detachable rsvp cards.

Vintage Typography wedding invitations

vintage typography seeded paper

sophisticated and classy wedding invitations

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