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Backpacking, hiking, and camping were there favorite hobbies. How Jill and & Mark got to choose among our popular mountain wedding invitations. They had been together for years and they had traveled across America to all the great parks and mountain ranges this beautiful country has to offer. With so many stories and so many memories they felt their lives were rich and of course they had thousands of picture as keepsakes so they could reminisce till their dying days. One of their favorite memories was stumbling across the beautiful wildflowers prairie and meadow that made the flowers glisten in the bright sun. The colors were amazing and it was a sight to see and never forget. Memories like these last a lifetime.

Majestic Range | Mountain Rustic wedding invitations

Majestic range wedding invitations

Their next grand adventure was to hike the Rocky Mountain Trail. They had visited certain parks along this infamous ridge-line but never completed the entire trail like that had previously done with the Appalachian Trail. It took months of preparation, mapping out the route, finding campsites to stay in, and taking the time off to complete their journey. They were so excited and could not wait to begin this epic trek that would bring them closer than ever before.

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Beauty and awe was bestowed upon them every day, they found a tranquil resting stop in between every trail marker they had mapped out. One stood out in particular. It was by a little brook, in a valley near the end of the trip. It was surrounded by trees, breathtaking flowers of all colors, and the water was so clear and clean. They ended up setting up camp near the brook and took numerous pictures to keep this spot forever in their mind. They marked it on the map. 

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Already discussing plans of happy matrimony, they promised when they time was right they would get married at this very spot, by the little brook. Near the end of the long trip they reached a beautiful mountain peak and sat close and enjoyed the sunset. Mark thought, no better time than now and he proposed to Jill. Of course she said yes and they shared a deep embrace and enjoyed the gorgeous scene nature had provided for them. It wasn't long after they got back home and settled in until they decided why wait? They started planning their perfect wedding.

Mountain wedding invitations Peak

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Outdoor Mountains Wedding Invitations

Outdoor wedding invitations Peak Mountain

If you are a lover of nature and the mountains ForeverFiances has great wedding invitations that are sure to please you. With designs of mountain peaks, valleys and of course lots of flowers the options are vast like the mountains themselves. Printed on plantable seeded paper and also 100% recycled paper give back to nature and choose an eco-friendly invitation that will put a smile on your guests face as they anticipate your special day. We also offer plantable thank you cards and seeded paper wedding favors to make sure your guests know how much you appreciated their company at your wedding.

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