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Thank you for visiting our most up to date terms and timelines as some information has changed than what is on our website.  Our website will be updated momentarily.  

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Our flow for orders using our designs...

Our standard turnaround time estimates shipment in 10-12 business days for handmade plantable paper and 6-8 business days for non-plantable recycled paper from the time of approving your proof.

Step 1: Provide your text using our online personalization page to include all of the items you wish to order.  

If you plan on using our guest addressing service please start on your list at the same time as you are creating your text (please see below for template).  Please submit both your text and guest addressing at the same time.  If you submit your guest list after you have approved your proof this will result in an extra proof of $11 in order to see an example of your guest addresses and return address on your envelopes.  You may also email with your text and requests.  

Please use the provided excel spreadsheet template listed in the below hyperlinks to provide your guests addresses.


All in One Invitations

Up to three digital proofs is included in every order.

Step 2: The design team will provide the first digital proof within an estimated 3-5 business days with our standard service.  Please see RUSH services below if you require a faster turnaround time.

Step 3: If changes need to be made you may reply to the design team to request a 2nd and 3rd proof to make it just right.  It generally takes about 1-2 business days for a reply with changes.  Custom designs that are provided to us by our customer receives 1 digital proof for confirmation/receipt of proof.  

Step 4: Once final proof is approved, paid and all information has been submitted and approved, including guest address lists (if applicable), we estimate shipment of your order within the next 10-12 business days for our handmade plantable recycled paper orders and 6-8 business days for our non-plantable recycled paper orders.

Our flow for custom designs created by you...

Step 1: Once pricing has been presented, approved and paid, please submit your completed and print-ready design in an EPS or AI file to  If additional design assistance is needed by the client there is an additional fee of $25 per email to offer design support.  The design team communicates via email and not through phone calls, zoom or text.

Step 2: The design team creates a digital proof to reflect design.  Client approves and the file is sent to print.

<<< Standard Turnaround Time >>> 

There are two parts to your time while with us, design + printing/production. 

1) DESIGN Once price is provided and text is submitted the design team will provide your first digital proof within an estimated 3-5 business days. If there are changes to be made the design team replies within an estimated 1-3 business days. RUSH orders in design may be available.

 2) PRINTING/PRODUCTION Estimated turnaround time is within 8-10 business days for handmade plantable paper and 6-8 business days for non-plantable paper from the date of approval of proof and payment.  RUSH orders in printing/production may be available.

Your order will be sent to production/printing when your digital proof has been approved and payment has been provided.


*We are currently updating our website.  *SOME PRICING ON OUR WEBSITE HAS CHANGED*.  Please contact us for accurate pricing.

*Unless, otherwise stated, you receive up to three digital proofs with every order of one design.  

*If additional proofs are requested after the third proof there is a charge of $11 for each additional proof of the same design.  Custom designs provided to us by the customer receive 1 digital proof and $11 each for additional requested proofs after the first.

*There is an extra charge of $25 should you request switching designs, size, paper or formats (i.e., AIO, thank you cards, classic size, etc) during the proofing process. 

*If you choose to end your time with us after your first complimentary proof is provided you will receive a refund for your order, less $49 for the design fee and any rush order fees if they apply.  This does not apply to custom designs provided by you.  The amount refunded will be determined on a case by case basis.

RUSH SERVICES: We offer 4  RUSH processing options to speed up your order.  *Based on availability. < please inquire about rush options>  It is best to start the rush order at the beginning of your order.  Payment of the rush order is required before the design team commences. 

ERROR/REPRINT: If there happens to be an error in the printing that is not what was approved, we will review the issue and consider a reprint of the pieces that are faulty.  We do not offer refunds.  This very rarely happens as we quality check every piece before it goes out our door.

ONE POINT OF CONTACT: We ask for one point of contact, one email address throughout your time with us.  Thank you!

When emailing ForeverFiances, please email only one contact.  If all our emails our copied then it takes longer for us to sort through and respond.

ENVELOPE SURCHARGES: There may be a $.30/each surcharge on envelopes due to  unpredictable shortages related to COVID.  The envelopes we are currently offering may appear different than what you would find in your custom sample pack.

ORDER ENOUGH, THEN SOME: When choosing your quantities it never hurts to order a couple more just in case.  We have a minimum order, which can be costly if you only need 7 more.

<><><><><>Our office hours are M-F, 9-5 pacific time.  We observe all the major holidays.<><><><><>

Professional courtesy is highly regarded at ForeverFiances.  If we feel it is not a good fit, we reserve the right to discontinue orders.

We are honored to be part of your special occasions.

Turnaround Time foreverfiances

We ship to the US only via USPS Priority Mail. Feel free to ask if you are interested in our Express shipping options.

Rush vs Priority Shipping

Rush options apply to the production speed. Printing on our beautiful papers is a lengthy process and cannot be rushed; therefore we assign a spot to each order in the production line. 

Priority Shipping applies to the actual transit time with the shipping carrier (e.g. USPS, or FEDEX).

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