The Seeded Paper that made us famous!

seeded paper colors herbs flowers

Discover one of the most amazing paper in the world! 🌼 Made in the USA, with love, the hand-made seeded paper is embedded with wildflower seeds while it is still in a paper paste form.  Colorful Wildflowers seeds such a yarrow or Shirley Poppy and more. [more seeds details here]. We also have created a line of Garden herbs seeded paper. Our bright green Herbs paper or our Desert Brown seeded paper are embedded with Oregano and Basil seeds. Our seeded paper is plantable 🌱

seeded paper sprouting

Do you know that we offer 660+ designs on our site?

We offer full printing  and design service on seeded paper 🌱, with over 11 years experience and millions of invitations printed!

plantable wedding invitations seeded paper

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