Top 12 Vintage Wedding invitations for 2022

rustic wedding invitations

We are so glad to announce our favorite vintage and rustic wedding invitations for 2022. You will find antique finish touches on most of these collections. 

Our wood textures (Elegant Back Country) are very popular.

Vintage wedding invitations

rustic themes for wedding

Rustic Wedding Invitations are perfect for an outdoor ceremony, whether it be in the forest, on the countryside or a barn. These designs compliment weddings surrounded by trees and we have something to match any season 🍃. Fall is big with Rustic Weddings and our invitations with natural colors will brighten up your guests day when they receive them 🌲

american rustic wedding invitation

Elegant Back Country (woodsy)

The Elegant Back Country [Woodsy edition] was created with a very rustic & antique wood board for a rustic wedding.  

woodsy wedding invitations rustic

elegant back county invitations woodsy

Vintage Fall

This classic invitation created for your fall wedding, with washed leaves silhouette. Made with 100% recycled paper in San Diego, California.

Vintage Fall wedding invitations

pretty leaf wedding collection

Thank you notes with rustic vintage themes

Tell your friends and family to relax and sit back in the shade with these classic and rustic thank you cards. This tree is inspired by the charm and elegance of the South, with the slow and friendly pace big city folk don't get to enjoy. Printed on 100% recycled handmade paper, which will grow wildflowers or garden herbs (oregano + thyme) once planted.

green thank you notes with tree

Wine Country Wedding Favors

wine country wedding favors

vintage seeded paper thank you notes with trees


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